We're not a reseller. We're not a middle man. We mean business.
Falkor Technologies LLC is a Technology, Hosting and Managed Services company based in Columbia, South Carolina, USA! With a passion for technology that began in 2004-2005, we've slowly grown from a very small operation to what we are today. When the world went cloud, we stayed grounded! We aim to serve those who still want to own their data, but don't want to deal with everything that comes with hosting or managing their home or office network or services.

Our servers and base of network operations are located in North Carolina, USA with backup services in British Columbia, Canada and Strasbourg, France. Your services are hosted with us, on our physical servers in data center space that we lease - which allows for better reliability, up time and control.
And because were not just some reseller like the sea of other hosting and managed service providers out there, that allows us to be wildy low cost and competitive on our pricing!

If you would like to place your server in our cabinet, create a ticket and we can discuss options.

Facility specs:
UPS and Generator Power:
Dual Liebert 130KVA N-Power UPS systems each with dual battery cabinets.
High Capacity 402KW backup generator with 1200 AMP 480 Volt 3 phase auto transfer switch.
Scalable power in 1,5,10, 20 AMP increments.

Facility Security System:
Lockable Cabinets
Motion Sensors
Secured Card key and biometric access
24 X 7 automatic police department notification

Climate Controlled Environment:
Liebert and Data Aire N+1 HVAC systems provide environmentally controlled climate.
Temperature maintained at 70 degrees.
Humidity controlled by infrared humidifier with auto flash.

Scalable Sonet and Ethernet ring network with Time Warner Telecom, DukeNet and Cogent. Level3, Time Warner cable, Zayo, Windstream, and AT&T are available. 99.95% uptime.