Welcome to Falkor Tech!

Welcome - we're glad you're here and hope that we can provide a solid, honest level of service and a different, one-on-one approach to hosting and IT.
This portal is where you'll manage, order or renew any service you have with us as well as seek support and more as we grow. If you haven't already, feel free to create and account by selecting Create Account above.

Head over to manage.falkor.cc/order to begin! You'll he asked for Name and Email at order checkout. This will be used to create your account, if you haven't already. Be sure to use a correct and valid email address. You will receive an email to verify your email address before your account is activated. (If you created an account before ordering, use the same Email and Account name at order checkout that you used to sign up.)
When ordering new service, please include any necessary information such as Domain(s), user(s), hostname(s), rDNS, etc in the ' Special Instructions / Comments ' section at order checkout.
After your order is processed and completed, you will receive an email to with your hosting and account information as well as how to access and login to your account(s) and service(s). Your account must be verified and activated before we will send your hosting/account information.

Were Privacy focused. It seems people tend to just trust that the "Big Data" companies will respect their privacy and keep their data and information private. Unfortunately, that isn't so. At Falkor, we respect privacy and we mean it. When you create an account with us, we ask for Name and an E-mail. Thats it. We don't care to know anything else. We don't collect, log, analyze or share any data or information about our users or their data. We don't care. We don't answer to requests for information or data on any of our users. We really don't care.

Take back control. With more and more going to the "Big Cloud" companies, we aim to serve those who want more control of their data and know where it's stored - who still want their own servers and infrastructure but without the hassle of hosting it in-house - or those who are geeks like us and just want their own server and data space to toy and tinker with.

Be honest. Be smart. Play fair. At the end of the day, all we ask is that you use our services responsibly.

*Were populating our Portal & FAQ. Please excuse us while we expand the information
Last Updated: 06 Sep 2019